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“I started searching for narrators for my novel The Delving, and immediately realized that there is an abundance of great “voices” out there. But then Matthew Berry auditioned, and immediately turned my expectations onto their heads. He brought a level of professionalism and intensity to the project I did not expect. But what truly blew me away, was his passion for the characters and the subject matter. He doesn’t just read dialogue or narrate action, but he inhabits them. He gave Thorben Paulson a voice-with more soul, warmth, and humanity than I could have ever hoped. Any author would be lucky to find an audio partner like Matt. I know I am. -Death and Dust.”

–Aaron Bunce, Author of the “Overthrown”, “Chronicles of Denoril”, and “NecroVerse” series.

"Not only is Matt extremely professional, but he's also very talented and creative. At the onset of our talent search for Trail Of Blood my co-writer and I were simply looking for a good narrator to read our book, ultimately we found a creative partner who brought it to life with an outstanding performance. I highly recommend Matt and can't wait to work with him again."

-Steve Wands & Keith Latch, Authors of "Trail of Blood"

“Matt has been a pleasure to work with. Very professional, with meticulous attention to detail and character direction. I’d highly recommend him!” — C.A. Gray, Dreamscape Adventures, Inc. 

"Working with Matt was an absolute pleasure. Professional, punctual, and undoubtedly talented, Matt delivered a stellar performance in a timely manner while keeping me in the loop every step of the way. I'd be lucky to work with him again, and I highly recommend his services." —

Jon Athan, Author of "Lovesick". 

If you are interested in working with Matthew on a project, please fill out the form below.  Please keep in mind that his schedule is often booked, but we would love to see if  we can align our schedules.
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