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Human After All
by Chris Wendel


Every day for Becker Gray is a struggle to keep himself from collapse, and the best way he's discovered to do that is to hide from his past, his guilt, and his pain. He's been known to overthink, overdrink, and under-sleep. His job as a detective in the major crimes division affords him the luxury of keeping his mind off his tragic personal life, being too busy to drink, and making good use of the time he's not sleeping. And this kidnapping case is another great opportunity to avoid his life.

That is, until he identifies too much with the victim.

Valerie Hardy was terrorized as a child. As a result, her protective parents forced her into an existence of isolation and detachment - just as Gray had framed his own life. When the man returns after 10 years to terrorize Valerie again by abducting her, Gray must figure out what's happened before the kidnapper fulfills his promise to kill her. Yet, in the process, Gray collapses, losing control of himself and, briefly, even reality. Worse, during his lapse of self-control, the sadistic kidnapper turns his wicked attention to Gray.

Human After All by Chris WendelPerformed by Matthew E Berry
The Monarch Graveyard

ASIN: B08742G1R9

It’s been four years since young Stephen Moorehouse spent his first summer at his Uncle Phillip Kahle’s mansion overlooking Lake Superior in Michigan’s untamed Upper Peninsula. Stephen’s kidnapper, the murderous Paulie Deluca, has broken out of prison. Will he come for Stephen again?

The beautiful scream-queen, Barbara Jenkins, pays an unexpected visit to Cliffside Manor. Why is Phillip being so secretive about her visit, and why did she bring enough luggage to stay six months?

Phillip’s friend and movie financier, Cyrus Bonaventure, disappears after a wedding in Florida. Laid up with a badly sprained ankle, Phillip sends Stephen to investigate. A series of clues takes Stephen from Florida to Los Angeles and then to a small desert town where he makes a startling discovery.

Phillip creates a monarch butterfly sanctuary with a huge granite memorial stone to honor Britt Adolphson’s memory. When a mysterious woman dressed all in black, her face covered in a veil, appears at this memorial, visitors are upset and frightened. Why is she there? Why does she stand like a statue, not speaking, scaring the children? Something needs to be done.

Several dramatic plot lines weave together in The Monarch Graveyard to create another thrilling mystery by James R. Nelson.

The Monarch Graveyard by James R NelsonPerformed by Matthew E Berry
Menagerie of Broken Dreams
by James R. Nelson


Young Stephen Moorehouse is excited about his new job. His uncle, a famous movie director, has asked him to travel to Florida and scout out a location to film a remake of a famous 1950s movie. Anxious to do a good job, Stephen discovers the perfect location, which unfortunately, is located next to a bizarre roadside attraction. 

A thick fog blowing off the Gulf of Mexico is making it difficult for the beautiful Savannah Blanchard to find a ride as she hitch hikes along Route 90, just outside of Biloxi, Mississippi. Still reeling from the sudden loss of her job, she is hoping her good friend can put her up for awhile and maybe help her get a fresh start. Savannah holds a dark secret which will soon become apparent to the next unfortunate lonely driver who pulls over to pick her up. 

Speeding south from Indiana after a brutal crime wave, tormented Willard Ferguson and his 16 year old girlfriend, Anna Mae, leave a wake of death and destruction behind them. Anxious to find a safe haven from the authorities, they end up taking refuge in an odd attraction called Doctor Merryweather's Menagerie. Rather than offering the solace they had hoped for, Willard and his girlfriend find themselves thrust into a grotesque world far removed from anything they ever thought existed. Several seemingly separate events slowly merge into one, as the Menagerie of Broken Dreams pulls everyone into a dark web of danger, deceit, and murder.

Menagerie of Broken Dreams by James R NelsonPerformed by Matthew E Berry
The Peacock Prophecy
by James R Nelson


Stephen Moorehouse makes his second appearance, along with his famous Uncle, Phillip Kahle, Stephen's love interest, Jeanette, and a cast of new characters. The action begins when Phillip decides to throw a large Hollywood style party at his mansion to announce that his script is almost finished and he will soon begin casting for his next movie.

The suspense picks up when Phillip takes Stephen and Jeanette on a trip to the beautiful Mackinac Island where they stay at The Peacock Inn. The brooding Edward Van Dyke has turned an aging Victorian mansion into the new must stay spot on the island. His nightly seances have become the talk of the town, but recently they have evolved into something much darker.

When Stephen encounters a person from Jeanette's past, the dim corridors of the Peacock Inn turn deadly, and Stephen must find truth behind The Peacock Prophecy.

The Peacock Prophecy by James R NelsonPerformed by Matthew E Berry
The Butterfly Conspiracy
by James R Nelson


Stephen Moorehouse, having just graduated from a very exclusive prep school, is very excited to be traveling to his uncle's mansion, perched high on an isolated Lake Superior shore, deep in the woods of northern Michigan. Stephen is hoping his famous uncle, known for directing spooky horror movies, will have many Hollywood starlets visiting his estate for the summer. Stephen's long train journey from New York City to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan takes a dangerous turn when it appears he is being followed by a mobster in a wrinkled suit.


Once he arrives at his uncle's place, Stephen attempts to find out who may have followed him and why. His detective work is interrupted when a brutal murder takes place and he becomes the main suspect. Stephen needs the help of his uncle's beautiful assistant to help him understand a string of perplexing clues as they navigate the spooky corridors of his uncle's mansion and the dangerous trails weaving through the deep northern Michigan woods.

The Butterfly Conspiracy by James R NelsonPerformed by Matthew E Berry
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