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How Much To?


A group of strangers is pitted against one another in Matt Shaw’s latest extreme horror.

The game is simple. Each of the contestants is asked a question: How much to complete a certain task? They then have two minutes to name a price, but if they go too high and their fellow contestants are cheaper, they have just priced themselves out of the game. The trick is to go high enough to win a good amount of money but low enough to ensure you are the winner. By the end of the bidding war, the person who is the cheapest contestant has to then go through, one by one, completing the tasks. No backing out allowed now....

But who is running this game? And more to the point - why?

Warning: extreme content not for the easily offended.

How Much To? by Matt ShawPerformed by Matthew E Berry


Lovelorn: Unhappy because of unrequited love. 

Micah Watson is lonely. He spends his days writing books, delivering pizza, and searching for love. When he meets Mackenzie McKee at a diner, he instantly falls in love with her. He molds himself into the perfect man for her. But she rejects him - again and again. Tired of the pain and loneliness, Micah finds comfort in an online community full of misogynists.... 

On the internet, surrounded by anonymous provocateurs, Micah is transformed into a hateful, sadistic misogynist. And he plans on exacting his revenge on everyone who ever hurt him. 

Jon Athan, the author behind Lovesick and Maneater, dives into the disturbed mind of a lovelorn man in this extreme horror story about loneliness and rejection, entitlement and vengeance, and love and hatred. 

Warning: This novel contains graphic content. Listener discretion is advised.

Lovelorn by Jon AthanPerformed by Matthew E Berry


After he catches her looking through his phone and sabotaging their birth control, Lorenzo Garcia breaks up with his girlfriend, Emily Hawkins. But Emily can’t move on. Heartbroken but determined, she plans on getting him back by any means necessary. She’ll destroy his life to help him rebuild it, ruin his relationships and eliminate the competition to keep him for herself, and if all else fails, she has a plan to keep him with her forever....

Jon Athan, the author of Lovesick and Erotomaniac, brings you another story of a relationship gone bad while redefining "maneater" in this nasty, gruesome horror novel.

Warning: This novel contains graphic content. Listener discretion is advised.

Maneater by Jon AthanPerformed by Matthew E Berry
Lovesick Cover.jpg


Mark Murray loves his girlfriend, Rebecca Lucio, but she doesn't love him. She believes their love has withered away, and she has already fallen for another man, but she struggles to formally end her relationship with Mark.


But Mark knows everything already - the lies, the deceit, the cheating. He has a plan to punish Rebecca in the most violent, disgusting way possible. He is going to make her sick...unbelievably sick.

Jon Athan, the author of Dr. Sadist and Scattershot, reinvents the definition of "lovesick" in this disgusting, gag-inducing, and extremely violent horror novel.

Warning: This novel contains graphic content. Reader discretion is advised.

Lovesick by Jon AthanPerformed by Matthew E Berry
Trail of Blood
by Keith Latch and Steve Wands


Occult investigator Sam Logan receives a cryptic call about a man's missing son that leads him and his partner, Carter Mason - a disabled veteran - into a small town infested with vampires. With each hour they spend in town after dark they discover just how deep the infestation runs and just how unlikely father and son will be reunited.

Trail of Blood is an exciting, blood-soaked, pause-resister for fans of The Lost Boys and Hellblazer.

Trail of Blood by Keith Latch & Steve WandsPerformed by Matthew E Berry
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