It rests deep in the ground, they say, an ancient burial treasure of unimaginable wealth. Riches to humble even the most prosperous men, locked away from time itself. But the Council’s edict was clear – keep the tombs of the ancient dalan closed. Keep the past sealed. But where there is wealth, there is greed, and nothing stays buried forever.

Thorben Paulson is an ordinary man, trying to raise his family the honest way. Unfortunately, the Council’s tax collectors demand more and more each thaw, taking in both coin and food. For a branded man like Thorben, his checkered past means the burden is always greater. With hungry mouths to feed and winter on the horizon, Thorben’s desperation grows.


A visitor appears unexpectedly in town, a man from his past, carrying a map and a promise – enough coin to feed his family for the foreseeable future, in exchange for a single job. Not just any job, however. Thorben must delve once again, leave the sun behind and enter the underground crypts, the realm of the dead, and find priceless dalan relics. And yet, more lies in wait than things that sparkle and glimmer, and in Denoril, some things never truly die.

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"Dark fantasy exceptionally written and performed"


Thorben, struggling to raise his family from their financial troubles, gets an unexpected visit. He is offered a deadly job in exchange for the financial security of his family. The Delving is a dark fantasy story with a mixture of adventure, suspense, horror as well as some emotional moments. The plot is well written, with vividly described scenes and characters. Your imagination will go into overdrive listening to this one.

Matthew narrated masterfully. He takes on a variety of character voices and you sometimes wonder whether there is more than one performer. His performance fits the scenes superbly with scary, emotional and exciting tones. He is one of my favorite narrators and does not disappoint with this one. I recommend this story to dark fantasy lovers, particularly those who like to visualize the stories they are reading.
Audiobook Review for The Delving (Overthrown: Chronicles of Denoril Book 1)

I enjoyed Chris Wendel's book. It only took me a week to finish the audio version it which is amazing for me being a mom of four. The author builds a good story and keeps your interest all the way through until the very end, I could not wait to finish the book. The narrator Matthew Berry does an excellent job. He is easy to listen to and helps draw you into the story. He has a good range of character voices that helps the book flow from one character to the next making it easy to listen to the story and forget about your surroundings.

Audiobook Review for Human After All by Chris Wendel


"Not what I normally read"

But now have to say I’m hooked. I don’t read a whole lot of mysteries but will definitely be reading the rest of this series. Author was great in not only keeping you interested but does really well keeping multiple plots throughout the story straight and winds up all loose ends so your not left wondering what happened in any of the plots. Narrator also does very well with different characters male and female and easy to listen to. I was given this audiobook for free in exchange for voluntary honest review .

Audiobook Review for The Butterfly Conspiracy by James R Nelson

"One of the most disgusting things I've ever read"

...and we were thoroughly warned. When I started 'Lovesick' I knew what I was getting myself into. Jon Athan makes us fully aware that this is a seriously gruesome horror story not for the feint of heart. Honestly, when I read these warnings I usually think something like, "yeah, you wish you were that scary!" Well, 'Lovesick' IS scary and more pertinently here, it contains the kind of graphic content that it warned us about. Like, actually. I choose not to re-live what happened in this book because it was truly horrifying (this is a positive thing for me) and will only say that unless you're honestly into some disturbing content, this isn't for you. If you're sensitive to... well, pretty much anything this book will get ya. I will say this, too: if this was a movie, I don't think I would have enjoyed it at all. It would be torture porn, from top to bottom. But because it's a book, it worked well. Matthew E. Berry's performance is absolutely outstanding here. I will definitely be seeking out more books narrated by him!
Audiobook Review for Lovesick by Jon Athan


This story was well written. I did not see the plot twist coming. I would like to hear more of this storyline. It was well worth the listen.

Audiobook Review for An Unusual Job by Travis McBee


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